Mary Landrigan-Ossar, MD, PhD
Conference Chair

The Society for Pediatric Sedation welcomes you to the 13th Annual Conference, held this year in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a city which is constantly redefining itself, growing and adapting to successfully accommodate new technology and new settlers. Similarly, pediatric sedation must constantly adapt to changes in patient demographics, geographic diversity and healthcare delivery models. The theme of this year’s conference, “Pediatric Sedation: New Frontiers, New Challenges” reflects this. Each half-day is organized around a challenge affecting the field of pediatric sedation. Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience across a variety of healthcare settings. They will provide you with the information and tools necessary to overcome those challenges in your practice, so that we can all continue to deliver safe, high quality sedation to our young patients.

Monday morning will begin with a keynote address by Dr. James Fortenberry, Pediatrician in Chief at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He will be speaking to us about the changing landscape of pediatric healthcare in the United States, in a talk titled “How Sedate is the Future of Pediatric Healthcare?”. This will be followed by presentations in which our faculty panel will discuss such topics as the evolution of mobile versus fixed procedural sedation units, how to defend the value of your sedation program to hospital administrators, and how to integrate sedation and anesthesia services.

Monday afternoon will shift the focus from administrative challenges to patient challenges. We will hear about the highly-topical area of dental sedation, followed by discussions on high-risk patients and procedures, and the ever-popular topic of patient prescreening.

Tuesday morning’s sessions will again focus on the sedation provider and the sedation service. We will hear about the Sedation Center of Excellence model and how it can improve your practice, as well as an update on tools by which we can track sedation outcomes. The morning session will finish with a presentation on simulation and TEAM STEPPS and how that can improve sedation practice.

The afternoon sessions on Tuesday will focus on geographic challenges. Our lunchtime keynote speaker will be Dr. Philip Landrigan, Dean of Global Health at Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York. He, along with his co-presenters will discuss the challenges of providing first world medical care and safe procedural sedation in the third world.

Our final session on Wednesday will cover administrative challenges such as how to create a viable business plan, and how to be ready for regulatory oversight. We will finish our morning session with the perennial favorite “Stump the Experts” session.

Our breakout sessions this year will cover an amazing variety of topics, from how to effectively care for challenging special needs patients, to the challenges of sedating in a strip mall, to the ins and outs of social media and patient satisfaction. We once again will offer the very popular early morning Problem-Based Learning Discussions on a variety of topics which will allow you to discuss challenging patients or medications with a group of your peers over breakfast. Afternoon workshops on team dynamics, nitrous oxide sedation and basic and advanced airway management will be offered as well, and require separate registration as spaces are limited!

As always, our Sedation Provider Course will be offered the Sunday before the meeting starts. It consistently sells out, so sign up early if you want to take advantage of this excellent simulation-based course covering the recognition and management of the most common sedation-related adverse events.

I look forward to meeting with you all in Atlanta in the spring!




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